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From Dull to Dynamo: The Midlands9s.com ‘s Marketing Spectacle with Pot Leadle!

midlands case study

December 10, 2023

From Dull to Dynamo: The Midlands9s.com 's Marketing Spectacle with Pot Leadle!

The Midlands9s.com , a vibrant Rugby League tournament and music festival in Coventry, faced a formidable challenge on their journey to success. They were tasked with not only running a fantastic event but also amplifying its reach and impact through a more effective digital presence. Their existing online efforts were missing the mark, leaving them in dire need of a transformation to achieve their goals.

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The problems stemming from their underdeveloped online presence were significant:

  • Their existing website failed to capture the dynamic spirit of the Rugby League tournament and music festival.

  • Online visibility for essential keywords like "Rugby League tournament" and "music festival in Coventry" was virtually non-existent.

  • Sales for event tickets and merchandise were lackluster, impacting revenue.

  • They struggled to engage their audience effectively through their online platforms.

  • The lack of online traffic and inquiries was limiting the growth and potential of their event.


Recognising the need for a digital overhaul, The Midlands9s.com sought expert guidance to tackle their online challenges. Their quest for a solution led them to Steve at Pot Leadle, a renowned digital marketing agency. Steve and his team assessed The Midlands9s.com ‘s online presence and identified the untapped potential for growth.

Inspiration for the solution came from the infectious energy and spirit of The Midlands9s.com ‘s event. Steve and his team were motivated by the passion and enthusiasm that the tournament and festival brought to Coventry, knowing that an effective digital strategy could help them convey this excitement to a broader audience.

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Under Steve's guidance, a series of critical steps were taken to address The Midlands9s.com 's digital challenges:

  • A launch strategy, created in collaboration with the event organizers, laid the foundation for success.

  • A new website, powered by WordPress, was designed to provide an engaging and user-friendly platform.

  • The website underwent extensive optimisation for rocket-fast sales, ensuring a seamless ticket purchase process.

  • Sales and instructional videos were created to educate and inspire potential attendees.

  • A press release campaign generated buzz and anticipation for the event.

  • Integration with social media platforms enhanced engagement and outreach to their audience.

The results of these efforts were nothing short of spectacular:

  • Ticket sales skyrocketed, and event merchandise flew off the shelves.

  • The website became a hub for excitement and information about the tournament and festival.

  • The Midlands9s.com 's online presence captured the dynamic atmosphere of their event, attracting attendees who shared their passion.

  • The event solidified its status as a premier Rugby League tournament and music festival, achieving record attendance and revenue.


The Midlands9s.com emerged from this digital journey transformed and empowered. No longer constrained by an outdated online presence, they have evolved into an event that sets new standards for excitement and engagement. Their online presence now harmoniously aligns with their mission to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Midlands9s.com is eager to share their success story and inspire others facing similar challenges. They encourage fellow event organizers and businesses to seek expert guidance, just as they did with Steve at Pot Leadle, and invest in the power of SEO and digital marketing to unlock their full potential. The Midlands9s.com is a shining example of how a business or event can overcome digital obstacles, thrive in their industry, and continue to bring joy and excitement to their community.

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