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From Boston with Waterproof Love: The Staydry Waterproofing Site’s Splashy Success in the UK!


December 10, 2023

From Boston with Waterproof Love: The Staydry Waterproofing Site's Splashy Success in the UK!

The Staydry Waterproofing Site, a foundation repairs and waterproofing company in Boston, USA, embarked on an exciting but challenging journey. They faced the unique test of establishing an international online presence, marking their first venture beyond their home turf. This endeavour presented a thrilling opportunity, but also posed challenges that needed to be overcome to expand their business globally.

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The challenges they encountered were significant:

  • Establishing a foothold in the highly competitive waterproofing market in a new country was a daunting task.
  • Their existing online presence lacked the appeal and optimization required to attract local Boston customers, let alone international clients.
  • The lack of visibility in local directories and trade directories in the UK was hampering their growth prospects.
  • The limited reach on social media platforms made it challenging to connect with their target audience across the Atlantic.
  • The number of enquiries from potential clients was far from satisfactory, impacting their business expansion.


The Staydry Waterproofing Site recognized the need for guidance to overcome these challenges and make a mark in the UK market. They partnered with Steve at Pot Leadle, a renowned digital marketing agency, to navigate this international expansion. Steve and his team worked in close collaboration with the business owner to chart a path to success.

Inspiration for the solution came from the excitement of venturing into the international arena. Steve and his team were motivated by the courage and ambition of The Staydry Waterproofing Site, knowing that a well-crafted digital strategy could help them conquer new horizons.

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Under Steve's expert guidance, a series of crucial steps were taken to address The Staydry Waterproofing Site's challenges:

  • A launch strategy, developed in collaboration with the business owner, set the foundation for their international expansion.
  • A new website, powered by WordPress, was created to provide a user-friendly and appealing platform for their UK audience.
  • Conversion optimization techniques were implemented to maximize local traffic and enquiries.
  • Integration with local trade directories in the UK enhanced their visibility within the region.
  • A press release campaign generated buzz and attention for their international debut.
  • Active engagement on social media platforms bridged the gap between Boston and the UK.


The results were nothing short of remarkable:

  • The Staydry Waterproofing Site's website quickly climbed the rankings in the UK, gaining increased visibility.
  • Enquiries from potential UK clients surged, with a remarkable 50% increase within months.
  • The company's online presence in the UK accurately reflected their expertise and dedication to waterproofing solutions.
  • The Staydry Waterproofing Site established itself as a reputable foundation repairs and waterproofing company in the UK market.


The Staydry Waterproofing Site emerged from this international adventure transformed and invigorated. They proved that with the right strategy, distance and borders could be overcome. No longer limited by geographical boundaries, they have evolved into a global player in their industry.

The Staydry Waterproofing Site is eager to share their success story and inspire others seeking international expansion. They encourage fellow businesses to seek expert guidance, just as they did with Steve at Pot Leadle, and invest in the power of SEO and digital marketing to unlock their global potential. Their journey serves as a testament to how a business can overcome international challenges, thrive in a new market, and continue to provide exceptional solutions to clients worldwide.

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